The Bjarmians – Fairytale-like part of Kuusamo’s history

The Bjarmians were ancient trading people in the Far North, mainly around the White Sea, whose culture flourished at the time between the Viking expeditions and the Crusades around 900-1100 A.D. The trading route of these trappers and craftsmen led from the shores of the White Sea down to the great cultural centres of the south as well as to the west where the Vikings lived. Numerous artefacts discovered in the North East region - in Kuusamo, Kemijärvi and Salla - serve as proof that the Bjarmians have stayed in these regions relatively long periods of time.

History knows many glorious tales of the Bjarmians – in the Bjarmia Hall you can learn more about this ancient culture and the fairytale-like history of the people in the land of Bjarmia.

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