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Bjarmia ltd – at the footsteps of the ancient Bjarmians since 1974

Today the ancient Bjarmians are but a part of the history of Kuusamo, yet their skills live on. Bjarmia ltd, founded in 1974, wants to revive the ancient traditions of handicraft and trade in the North East region and bring them closer to the modern world and its people.  After all, Kuusamo is located on both the trade route of the ancient Bjarmians and a popular tourist route of the present-day people. Bjarmia ltd produces hand made ceramics – each item is unique and individually hand made. The design of the items represent the beautiful northern nature and comes from years of experience.

Bjarmia ltd was founded by Aini Valkama, who was born in Kuusamo but lived in southern Finland until her longing back to the childhood times in Northern Finland brought her back to Kuusamo in the early seventies. In 2008 her daughter Kaisa Valkama, born and raised in Kuusamo, took over the company after several years of living in the Southern part of Finland and foreign countries.

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